Property Management Services

Goodwell Property Management Limited ("Goodwell" or the "Property Manager") provides quality property management services for the REIT Manager, and believes that quality management services enhance business environment for tenants as well as value of the properties. Goodwell's professional management team provides tenants with comprehensive and caring management services, including:

Professional Security Services

To ensure the best security standards for tenants, all security guards are directly employed by Goodwell. They receive continuous professional training to provide 24-hour security services, general customer services, etc.

Quality Customer Services and Value-added Services

The service center staff provide tenants and visitors with one-stop concierge services including leasing enquiries, coordination of property management services, caring inspection services and specific value-added services, creating a better business environment for tenants.

Environmental Management

The management team is committed to integrating green concepts into environmental management to fulfill its social responsibility. A series of energy-saving practices such as reduced unnecessary lighting, adoption of environmentally-friendly light bulbs including LED lighting and installation of wind-powered and solar panels lighting in some properties have been implemented. In addition, green projects such as green roof gardens and green walls have been installed in some properties. These facilities not only reduce indoor temperatures but also beautify the environment, creating an "Oasis in the City."

Facility Repair and Maintenance

Professional technicians are employed directly for regular repair and maintenance as well as 24-hour emergency repair services to ensure the public facilities are in good working order.