Environmental, Social and Governance
Our adoption of both a functional and strategic CSR program helps distinguish ourselves and allows us to better retain talented employees, enhance our brand reputation and earn trust from investors.

At the heart of our CSR commitment is our interaction with the community, the environment, our tenants, our staff and our unitholders.
Through charitable giving and volunteering, we are able to give back to the local communities. We proactively foster a corporate culture that encourages community involvement and neighborly outreach to support the efforts of our staff. Our focus for community interaction is on both the young and elderly in our shared society.
We fully recognize that we not only share the physical property asset space with our neighbors and the wider community, but also the environmental space of the surroundings and beyond. Therefore, we strongly support integrating green initiatives into our business practices as a fundamental way of protecting the natural environment.

We have continuously been “greening up” the properties in our portfolio since our IPO in 2005. Providing ample green space in our properties and managing them in a sustainable manner characterizes our environment-focused direction for enhancing our assets going forward.
Tenants form a key pillar of our business as when they do well, so do we. As a responsible partner with our tenants, we continuously upgrade our properties so as to provide them with attractive and aesthetically pleasing working environments that not only attract new customers, but retain the existing as well.

We also provide attentive property management services to our tenants while developing mutually beneficial relationships by organizing regular activities that provide a family-like atmosphere in our properties that complements the underlying business relationships with our tenants.
All staff of the REIT Manager and Property Manager constitute the building blocks of our business. Therefore, we go out of our way to provide staff with a safe, healthy, rewarding and supportive workplace environment. At the same time, we encourage continuous training for all staff to increase productivity and enhance understanding of all business aspects.
We believe that business ethics is crucial for earning trust from unitholders and building a sustainable business. Since Prosperity REIT’s listing, we have been committed to nurturing the loyalty and confidence of unitholders through effective open communication channel and strong corporate governance practices.