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The Mission

The REIT Manager is staffed with experienced professionals who are dedicated to managing the assets of Prosperity REIT for the benefit of the unitholders through proactive asset management and multi-dimensional growth strategies.

The principal investment strategy is to invest in office, commercial and retail properties with no geographical restrictions, aiming to deliver stable and sustainable returns to unitholders by actively managing the portfolio and maintaining a high level of investment discipline and financial flexibility.

The REIT Manager will hold properties on a long-term basis while complementing them with additional income-producing properties through yield-accretive acquisitions.

The REIT Manager's strategies include

Asset Management Strategy

To actively manage the properties in order to maintain high occupancy level, achieve strong rental growth and maximize net property income.

Acquisition Strategy

To selectively acquire additional properties that meet its investment criteria.

Financing Strategy

To employ appropriate debt and equity financing policies.