The Portfolio
Asset Enhancement Initiatives - Prosperity Place

Video of AEI works from 2007 to 2012

An additional number of lower floors are under renovation to create a commercial outlook and widen our tenant base.

An existing chiller plant was replaced with a more energy-efficient model, enabling up to about 15% in energy savings for air conditioning provision.

New chiller plant

A hydroponic farm system was built on the rooftop garden:

  • This system centers on the idea of cultivating crops free of chemicals in a completely self-sustaining manner: Recycling of fish pond water and fish waste for use of irrigation and fertilizer, forming an organic ecosystem.
  • Part of the system is an aesthetic fish pond, which adds to the relaxing ambience of the rooftop garden.
  • Freshly picked organic vegetables grown from the system are shared with tenants.

Additions and alterations works in relation to usage conversion were completed.

A 400-square-foot green wall was installed in the ground floor lobby to provide an environmental friendly workplace as well as instill an aesthetic feel in the lobby.

The concierge was renovated in harmony with the lobby's contemporary style.

An electronic directory board was installed, making available the latest information of Prosperity Place to both tenants and visitors.

The passenger lift lobbies and common corridors on selected floors were renovated to create a retail outlook.

The lift lobbies on the car park floors were renovated to upgrade building image.

The concrete parapet wall on 3/F flat roof was replaced with a tempered glass wall to enhance marketability to commercial tenants.

The lift controller system for one cargo lift was replaced.

The Elevator Management System (EMS) was installed, reducing the lift response and travelling time to cope with the increasing traffic of a prime grade commercial building.

The concrete parapet wall at the roof garden was replaced with a tempered glass wall for tenants to enjoy better views of the Victoria Harbour as well as the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.

A green wall was installed at the car park entrance to create an eco-friendly surrounding and increase the environmental awareness of our tenants and the community.

The special waiver to convert Prosperity Place’s use from industrial/office to commercial under the industrial buildings revitalization scheme was executed.

The renovation of passenger lift cars and upgrading of lift controller systems were carried out to align with commercial building standards, and to provide efficient and comfortable lift service to tenants and visitors.

The renovation of the public area washrooms was completed.

Lightings in back-of-the-house-areas were put on motion detector controls to further lower energy consumption.

The facade at the lower portion was renovated and the entrance glazing on the ground floor of the 73-foot frontage was also widened, allowing in more natural light into the lobby interior.

A green living roof garden with panoramic harbour views was added for the enjoyment of tenants. The living green garden not only turned a neglected space to a valuable asset, but also had an insulating effect and has consequently helped lower the utility costs for top floor tenants.

Renewable energy measures were installed on the roof garden to lower the building's carbon footprint, including:
  • Solar panels and an energy harvesting wind turbine providing energy for ambient lighting on the green roof during the evening hours.
  • A 500-litre rainwater collection system providing water for irrigation for the green roof plants.

Lift lobbies and corridors on typical floors were all renovated to reflect a modern and contemporary look.

The down lights were replaced by T5 fluorescent systems and original spotlights were replaced with energy saving light fixtures, resulting in an approximately 20% savings in electricity consumption.


The ground floor lobby was renovated with a modern design and office ambience. The new design emphasizes the 17-foot high ceiling and the spacious interior of the main entrance lobby.