Environmental, Social and Governance

Labour Policy




  • Prosperity REIT upholds its responsibility of ensuring respect for individuals in daily operations and embraces diversity in the workplace and the communities in which we operate.


  • The Labour Policy is set with reference to the internationally recognized principles and guidance.


  • This policy applies to our business operations and the property management company. 



Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion

  • We are committed to the goals of diversity and affirmative action in employment. It aims to provide a work environment for employees that fosters fairness, equity, and respect for social and cultural diversity, and that is free from discrimination.
  • We embrace diversity at workplace by hiring talents from different background, cultures and languages. The selection of employees is based on merit, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, family status, disability, medical condition or other characteristics protected by applicable law. 
  • In supporting fair and progressive employment practices, we provide all employees with equal opportunities for skills training and development and rewards all employees based on their performance and contribution.
  • We are equal opportunities employers. All appointments and promotions are assessed based on an individual’s performance and ability to perform the relevant roles and responsibilities required. We are committed to the continued development of the personal and professional skills of our employees who will be treated in a fair and unbiased manner and given every opportunity to realize their full potential.


Labour Practices

  • We prohibit the employment of anyone under the age stipulated by the local limit requirement for work in any form of labour. In addition, we do not tolerate child labour, forced labour of any kind, including slave labour, prison labour, indentured labour, bonded labour, forced overtime hours or any form of human trafficking in our business operations and throughout the value chain of our business.
  • We will not contract with, or use the services of, any supplier, contractor, service provider or representative who employs or engages, or otherwise directly or indirectly utilizes the services of child or forced labour.
  • We agree to cooperate fully in providing access to its labour records, documents, agents, employees or premises if reasonably required by government officials.
  • Employees with any concerns should discuss with their immediate supervisor and in an event the grievance could not be resolved, they should approach their Head of Department/CEO or Group CEO for resolution. The Human Resources Department will be jointly involved in the investigation of employees’ complaints as well as the consultation process with employees and their supervisor.
  • Whistle blowing is also available for all employees, as well as any other persons, who may in confidence, raise concerns about possible improprieties and obstructive action within Prosperity REIT.


Health and Safety

  • We strive to protect the health and safety of all our stakeholders. We abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance of HKSAR and other relevant legislations in all our business operations.
  • We strive to constantly improve the safety and health management system in our properties to uphold a risk-free environment for our stakeholders. Further details, please refer to our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy.



  • To protect the right of our employees, we comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to compensation, recruitment, promotion, working hours, rest periods, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination.
  • We ensure that all employees should have their rights in the workplace. These include the right to have a safe workplace, right to be free from discrimination and harassment, right to be free from retaliation when filing a complaint and right to fair wages and paid leave.
  • We abide by the respective employment acts governing each jurisdiction where we operate in. This includes the payment of compulsory comprehensive savings plans, timely disbursement of salaries and adherence to working hours requirements.


Implementation and Review

  • The Sustainability Steering Committee is responsible for the oversight of this Policy with the assistance of the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) & Supply Chain Management Task Group and Employee Relation Task Group. The Sustainability Working Groups and Group level Human Resources facilitate the implementations of all human rights measures.


  • The Task Groups are required to have meetings quarterly for monitoring and evaluating the human rights performance of Prosperity REIT. They are also required to report the improvement progress to the Sustainability Steering Committee and the Board of Directors annually.


  • The implementation progress, status, and related performance of this Policy will be reported in our environmental, social and governance (ESG) Report on an annual basis.


  • This Policy will be reviewed by Sustainability Steering Committee from time to time and update the content to align with any revisions of our existing procedures and practices and the consideration of relevant legislations and the best practices as appropriate.